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Our Lady of Fatima Parish
NASA Village, Purok 12
Calumpang, General Santos City
Founded: 2008
Patron: Our Lady of Fatima
Feast Day: May 13
Population: 45,119, Catholics: 35,193
The area of General Santos City called “Uhaw” (presently Fatima) had long been identified as one of the places in the Diocese of Marbel where a new parish could be erected. But since the area belonged to the Holy Cross Parish, Calumpang, it was left to the priests assigned in the parish to make the proper preparations.

Preparations started in 1998 when Fr. Nazario Benitez, CP, the parish priest that time, created the Proposed Parish Development Committee (PPDC) in order to take care of the property allocated by the City of General Santos for a church. The Committee was composed of GKK officers from Fatima, Fairview and FVR Village. Later, the PPDC was changed to Parish Development Council (PDC) during the time of Fr. Roberto Alegre, CP. When Fr. Apolinario Plaza, CP, took over, he created the Proposed Parish Economic Council (PPEC) and appointed its members to be part of the PDC.

Fr. Pol also started an intensive education-formation of the people and organized more GKKs especially in the areas of Fatima and San Jose. In November 2006, Fr. Pol presented to the Presbyterium the plan to create Fatima into a parish. He was asked to present to the Bishop a Letter of Petition from the residents of the place requesting that the place be established as a parish and to prepare the documents needed for such an undertaking.

Fr. Pol ordered the study of Sunday collections and stole fees in three big chapels of GKK Fatima, GKK Santiago, GKK Sto. Nino, and from San Jose to ascertain the financial capability of the proposed parish. A survey was also made on the number of Catholics living in the two barangays of Fatima and San Jose. In that survey, it was found out that the Catholic families living in the two barangays had already reached more than 13,000 families of which about 4,500 were active members in the various GKKs and Kriska units.

In 2007, Fr. Pol presented to the Presbyterium the people's petition for the erection of a new parish and various data about the proposed parish. Included in those data were the number of members of each ministry and the officers of the adhoc Parish Pastoral Council and Parish Economic Council. After receiving the said documents, Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez, D.D. appointed a Team headed by Fr. Romeo Buenaobra that would investigate and evaluate the readiness and the preparedness of the people in supporting a new parish.

The first visit of the Investigating Team was done in the mother parish of Holy Cross, Calumpang, in which the officers and some members of the proposed parish were interviewed about the preparations being made. After this first visit, the final visitation was set on June 9, 2007 in the Sto. Niňo chapel at Fairview, Fatima, and then the Team would visit and see the site of the proposed parish.

in November 2007, the required documents, the map and boundaries, the various ministries, and the financial capability of the proposed parish were presented to the Presbyterium. The Presbyterium together with the Bishop at last granted the petition of making Fatima into a parish.

By January 2008, Fr. Pol announced that the Patroness of the new parish would be Our Lady of Fatima. By May, a temporary convent and place of worship were built on the site. Finally, on July 15, 2008, the new parish was canonically erected by Bishop Dinualdo D. Gutierrez, DD, during a concelebrated mass and installation of Fr. Joseph Benitez as first parish priest of Fatima. In his homily, the Bishop thanked the Passionist Fathers who have been preparing the area for a parish for so many years. 


The center of the parish is located on the one-hectare lot allocated by the city government of General Santos City at NASA Village, Purok 12, Calumpang, General Santos City. This property, however, has to be paid for by the new parish. On this site temporary buildings were constructed.

A temporary parish convento and a temporary church were constructed in May 2008 by Fr. Joseph Benitez. Fr. Joseph also put up a temporary parish office and a seminar house, and he procured a vehicle for the parish.

More improvements were made by Fr. Ricky Emboltorio, the present parish priest of Fatima. Fr. Ricky put up a concrete fencing around the property. He also made an extension in the parish office for the ministries and added wings to the parish church. His latest project is to construct a new multipurpose building for meetings and seminars.

Fatima Parish has just celebrated its 3rd Anniversary as a parish on May 13, 2011.

The present population of the parish is about 45,500 of which about 35, 000 are Catholics.

The parish has 30 GKKs, 150 KRISKA units with 137 alagads, 25 catechists, 30 family and life workers, 250 youth leaders, 56 laycos, 5 lay eucharistic ministers, 57 lay liturgists, and 50 altar servers.

Other groups in the parish are the KC, CWL, Legion of Mary, Lay Vocation Promoters, CFC, Divine Mercy Apostolate, and Samaria-Cursillo.

The social action programs pf the parish are JP, Alay Kapwa, Health, IP, and Socio-Eco.


While under Calumpang Parish:

1.   Fr. Nazario Benitez, CP – 1998-2000
2.   Fr. Roberto Wapaňo, CP – 2000-2003
3.   Fr. Roberto Alegre, CP – 2003-2005
4.   Fr. Apolinario Plaza, CP – 2005-2008

As a Parish:

1.   Fr. Joseph Benitez, PP – 2008-2010
·        Fr. Rene Dasilao, PV – 2009-2010
2.   Fr. Ricky Emboltorio, PP – 2010-2013
·        Fr. Jonathan Sarcon, PV – 2010-2011
·        Fr. Raul Vale, PV – 2011
.        Fr. Cristito Joloro, PV - 2012
3.  Fr. Sinon Alcarde, PP - 2013-2016
.       Fr. Joseph Morallon, PV - 2013


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